Greek pavilion at the Mobile World Congress 2017


Greece will participate for the fifth successive year with a national pavilion at the Mobile World Congress 2017, to be held in Barcelona February 27-March 2.

The Greek participation is organized by the Hellenic Association of Mobile Applications Companies (HAMAC) and Enterprise Greece, with the support of the Association of IT and Communications Companies of Greece and Corallia as coordinator of mi-Cluster, si-Cluster and gi-Cluster, in the framework of a wider cooperation to participate in large international technology events, while Eurobank will participate as a sponsor.

The Greek participation in MWC has the support of the Greek state and it is under the auspices of the Athens Stock Exchange.

The Greek team so far includes: Accesspal, Apifon, Cross Mobile, Cytech, DAEM, Echoleap, Ergon, Going Up, MLS, Motivian, M-Stat, Motivian, Pitchstor, Plustic, Pobuca, Regate, SoftWeb, Synaphea, Telenavis, Upcom, Vidavo, Viva Wallet, Warply.


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